Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to School

With the Parkinson biography finally finished after four months, we're on the home stretch of Tanner ancestors, after which I will switch over to the Morgan line, starting with Harold Morgan and Jessie Christensen. My goal is to finish the Tanners in 2008 and start the Morgans in 2009.

Now that the children are back in school after the teachers' strike (which might not be entirely over since they're just submitting to nonbinding arbitration right now), I'll resume working on this:
(The Overson Diary.) For this project, I'm reading Utah's Black Hawk Indian War and have just ordered a copy of Take Up Your Mission: Mormon Colonizing along the Little Colorado River. These two major sources are, curiously, written by father and son, Charles and John Peterson.

Our temple district will be added to New Family Search next week. Is your temple district included yet? If it is, have you used this interesting new resource?

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