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Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, June 8, 1913

Hunt Ariz
June 8 1913

Dearest Jessie: I have been making out telephone reports until about half an hour ago for I thought if I wrote to you I have to rest my mind. Gee but there is a lot of red tape about that outfit especially so for what little money there is in it. But thank goodness its [sic] all done now. And I’ve got some thing better to do.

This has been a busy day for me I don’t hardly know its [sic] Sunday.

Am in work up to my eyes but just think only another week of it. I just talked to Lyman over the Phone and told him it would just about be impossible for us to leave here before Sunday. You see the understanding we had when we left was that they would start Monday so we made plans to that effect. And if we should start Sat I don’t know what the result would be. You see I am here alone now Lin expects to be back Sunday night. (Hope this won’t disappoint you) and I don’t care about the rest. I want to go on that trip without a care or a worry and spend just about four thirds of my time with you. That’s not being selfish is it when I love you so much.

I sincerely hope we don’t change our plans any but only make them a little more practical more definite and more elaborate.

But lets [sic] see we were’ent [sic] to write about that were we.

Talk will be in the ten cent class won’t it when we get together. I wish I could see you tonight: but believe me I’ll be thinking of you.

And so uncle Bill had a yarn did he. Lin told me all about it. There’s one consolation about it no body will believe him if he does tell it. He’s a great uncle Bill. How is Lail now Jes says never again for him and I say ditto. Udall surley [sic] hates it because Mona is going Gee I’m glad it’s her and not you. Honestly I don’t know what I’d do.

But here I am crowding the (The Subject) again.

Say I’ve been reading (Rex Beaches [sic]) latest. (The Iron Trail) surley [sic] some story. You see I am not worked so hard but what I have time to read. Say Jessie we want to scare up a book or two to take with us on our trip I sincerely hope you will leave Dickens, Thackery [sic] (and who else come in their class) Mary J. Holms [sic] and Agusta [sic] Evans I believe) on the shelf. I saw the prettiest little poem today if I can find it will keep it for you to read. And now at last I am just about to wonder how you’ve spent the day and what you are thinking about, hope you were a good girl and went to all the meetings. For as I’ve told you before perhaps you will have to do just a little religion for me, but I promise to do my share when I get a chance. (Will try and write these lines so close that you can’t read between them.)

Well dear it is just about time to go to the field to turn the water so good bye write soon

Yours with love

(Photo of penstemon from flickr.com/photos/johnida/1290475545/ with restrictions.)

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