Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, May 23, 1913

Hunt Ariz.
May 23 1913

Dearest Jessie: Here I am making another attempt to write Perhaps if I have good luck and plenty of it I will get it all in the envelope this time, was’nt [sic] that a rotten trick of mine it is a public scandal down here but believe me I think I’ll watch after this but you know when one is as deeply interested in someone as I am they are libal [sic] to do most anything so you no doubt will forgive and have done before this. For you must be good to me while I am away for its so lonesome down here and perhaps I’ve been petted a little to so you will have to allow some for that, but tonight I do so want to see you, were you so close that I could put my arms around you I feel as though I would never never let [sic] you. I could sit for an hour and dream of you (although it is eleven oclock [sic]) time perhaps for a working kid to be in bed. But what is life for if not for enjoyment. One of my greatest passions and pleasures is to think of you, of what you are doing and of our future careers (which are both promising). That reminds me of what you said in your letter about your schooling. To my notion you are not to [sic] persistent in wanting to go. You couldn’t be and furthermore it is one of my ambitions to see you complete high school so go to it. Keep thinking it and you will get there. Yet I hate to see you go away for I will miss you so much. Life to me is so full so pleasant just at present. Here’s hoping it will always continue so. Jess says to tell you he can hardly stay away much longer which are my sentiments exactly might be up Sun. Hope you are not gone. Well it is twelve oclock [sic] so will say goodnight
with love

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