Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Hello, Grandma!"

If you read the blog regularly (or even sporadically), this picture may look familiar. If it does, it's because I used it in a post two days ago.

The girl on the left is Jessie Christensen. I cropped this photo down from a page of photos out of a scrapbook that my dad scanned from a box of family mementos he received from the family of one of Jessie's daughters. Although I straightened, cropped, and posted the picture, I never looked at all the people in the picture until a reader of the blog mentioned possibly recognizing someone in another photo. Then I thought I should also look at the other people in the photos. When I clicked on the photo, it was too large for my browser window, and I had to scroll the photo to the left to see everyone.

As I reached the last person in the line (one of the adult leaders of the young women's group), I said, "Hello, Grandma!" It is Grandpa's grandma Margaret Jarvis Overson.

So on the left is Granny's mother, and on the right is Grandpa's grandma. Not a remarkable circumstance, considering the size of St. Johns, Arizona, but a fun discovery nonetheless.