Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mary Ann Linton Morgan: Five Faith Promoting Instances, No. 3

“Five Faith Promoting Instances”

#3. Another Miraculous Healing. My dear sister Alice when about 13 years old had a very bad attack of diphtheria. My father had swabbed her throat faithfully every half-hour with a dark medicine which had proven very effectual in many cases during the epidemic. One morning about 4 oclock she whispered she was choking and asked us to send for Bro. Gable. This was an old Elder who had no family and had been appointed to go among the sick. I ran for him (he lived) three or four blocks away. She said when he blest her she felt that which seemed to be gripping her throat and choking her loosen and she could breathe. A few hours later a piece of calloused flesh came out of one side of her throat about the size of a 25¢ piece. When father broke it open with a stick it looked like ground beef alive. We children all staid at home and not one of us took the disease. I am quite sure in answer to our parents prayers that we might not.

Morgan, Mary Ann Linton. “Five Faith Promoting Instances.”

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