Thursday, November 12, 2009

John and Jessie Doman Springthorpe

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently working on the history of the Springthorpe family. I was going through my dad's scanned files and saw a picture of an aged pioneer-era couple. The back of the photo looked like this:

So I loaded it into Picasa (a free graphics program from Google) and played around with it and discovered this writing (with a lovely Nile green for the background):

That's clear enough to decipher the following:
John & Jessie Springthorpe [name misspelled, but I'm not going to try and figure out what the person wrote]
He was aunt Fannie Christensen's mother's brother.
And, here they are.

John Springthorpe (1824 or 27 Leicestershire, England – 1901 St. Johns, Arizona) and his wife Jessie Doman Springthorpe (1830 Leicestershire, England – 1902 St. Johns, Arizona).


  1. Thanks for all your work and interest in the family

  2. I have this exact photo of them. They are my great-great grandparents. Their son Thomas was my grandmothers father.

  3. Hello, cousin! : )

    We are tracking down some information on the Springthorpe family and haven't found much reliable information on them. Have you or any other of your relatives done genealogy work on the Springthorpe line?

    Also, the family records note that John Springthorpe is buried in St. Johns, but he is not listed in the St. Johns Cemetery Records. Do you know anything about this?