Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Hayward Family

Right here in the midst of all these postcards, I will pause to post pictures of the five members of the Hayward family in 1908: father Henry, mother Elizabeth, Jean, Bess, and John.

There were six other children born into the Hayward family, but they were all deceased by 1908. Henry (1876-79), Emily Inez (1878-1879), Philip (1880-1891), Sidney (1883-1886), Martha (1885-1886), and Leah (1889-1905). It will probably be awhile before I post about the tragic deaths of so many children in one family. Most of the deaths were due to diphtheria, a disease that is now almost unknown due to the use of the diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine.

Henry John Hayward (1852-1927)

Elizabeth Ann Pugsley Hayward (1854-1942)

Hazel Jean Hayward Wessman (1887-1959)

Elizabeth (Bess) Cripps Hayward Edwards (1892-1989)

John Ewing Hayward (1895-1988)

Thanks to Emily for sending the photos.

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  1. Leah went by her middle name, Merle. Aunt Norinne also has an oil painting of Merle, right before she died. I will get you a photo of that later. Check your email for some of your missing photos!