Monday, February 15, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, May 26, 1908


Dearest brother:- Here is where they have shows about like the Orpheum. We have not been here yet, but are going some day. How's the weather? We are all freezing to death over here. Got papa's letter yesterday, but he has never told me how many days the boat crosses in. I will have to try and find out here someplace. 
 [On front:] May 26, /08

[?] Woche Unter den Linden 
[Something Week at Unter den Linden, a street in Berlin]

Dearest sis:- We see the Emperor's review of the soldiers on May 31 and expect to have the treat of our lives. The soldiers here have such neat pretty uniforms but of course nothing to equal the old blue of our soldiers. I will soon be home, hurrah! Me for America any day. 
[On front:] Love from sister. May 26, 1908.

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