Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia

I was honored and rather intimidated a couple of years ago to be asked to write an article on the history of the Relief Society for a new Mormon history encyclopedia. The encyclopedia was published this week and I received a copy in the mail. It is an excellent production and it is still intimidating to look at the list of contributors, including three of my history professors at BYU. It is a trade publication, for sale as a reference book to libraries, rather than for sale to the general public, but it is written for the general public and avoids historical jargon. I have been reading through the articles as I have time, and found that the article on Mormonism and Women provides a great framework for understanding why telling the story of the life of Elizabeth Hayward is so important. Here are some notes on the production of the encyclopedia by Ardis Parshall, one of the editors and main authors.

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