Monday, September 20, 2010

Utah Central Railway Jubilee

Fifty years after the driving of the last spike, January 10, 1920 completing the construction of the Utah Central from Ogden to Salt Lake City, a great jubilee was held in Salt Lake City.

The celebration consisted of three parts: first, an informal reception at the Hotel Utah; second, a banquet for those who were engaged in constructing the road; and third, a meeting in the Mormon Tabernacle in the evening. At the informal reception the original tie, still containing the last spike driven at 2:00 P.M., January 10, 1870, was exhibited. The reception was attended by approximately 250 of the original builders of the road, who were the guests of the city, free transportation being furnished to all the veterans and all expenses paid.

The General Committee consisted of Gov. Simon Bamberger, Mayor Mont Ferry [William Montague Ferry, Salt Lake City mayor, 1916-1920], Mayor-elect E. A. Bock [Edmund A. Bock, Salt Lake City mayor 1920], C. W. Penrose,  C. F. Stillman [Board of County Commissioners], Andrew Jenson, D. S. Spencer, John A. Widtsoe, D. W. Parratt [President of the Board of Education], Emma Lindsay, B. H. Roberts, H. V. Platt [railroad], J. E. Galligher [mines], A. C. Reese, Elizabeth Hayward [state senator], Gen Richard W. Young [he's not listed in the program, probably because he died two weeks earlier of appendicitis], J. S. Early [railroad], Jerrold R. Letcher [founder of the Utah State Historical Society], Joseph Decker, Lily C. Wolstenholme [member of the House of Representatives], George D. Pyper, Earl Jay Glade, Col. Willard Young.

The Executive Committee consisted of Mayor-elect E. A. Bock, Chairman, Andrew Jenson, Vice-Chairman, C. F. Stillman, D. S. Spencer, A. C. Reese, D. W. Parratt, Secretary and Treasurer.

Carter, Kate. Treasures of Pioneer History. Volume 1. Salt Lake City, Utah: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1952.

The souvenir program is from the American Libraries Internet Archive.

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