Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Search Wiki

Happy Pi Day!

Family Search, the major genealogy website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and just one of its extensive family history resources, recently started a project called Research Wiki. Like the more familiar wiki, Wikipedia, it is a collection of articles written and edited by volunteers with some familiarity with the topic. If you go to the site...

...and type in a search term; for example:

"Long Island birth records"

(thinking of the Pettits) it comes up with a list of links to sources for these records:

If you search for "Swedish parish records," you will see the following:

which has lots of information and definitions and links.

The articles are not yet complete, but they can be a good starting place, and the articles and resources and links are growing day by day. As of this morning, the Wiki start page has received 236,795,150 visits.

If you have particular expertise in a certain place or type of research or record, sign in and make a note of the information in the wiki. It is a great collaborative effort and will grow and improve as users contribute to it and are willing to edit and have their works edited.

James at Genealogy's Star has been writing a series of articles on the Research Wiki:

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