Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lucy Lucile Green Glade, Part 12

On February 14, 1980, we [Beverly and John] invited Lucile for dinner as it was Valentine’s Day. We had a nice time eating and visiting. Richard and his family came with valentines. Mother was tired so Richard took her home. He walked her into the house and kissed her goodnight. [Beverly's hand-written note on the history adds “(Two kisses!)”]

The following morning John and I went for a walk and got back after 8:00. The phone rang and John answered. It was Hyrum telling us to come immediately as mother was dying. The paramedics were there working to revive her. She was on the kitchen floor and I was immediately impressed that she was gone. Bob and Loa Don arrived. The paramedics said that she should be taken to the hospital. We called Dr. Hamer Reiser, her doctor and a friend of John’s and mine. He met us at the LDS hospital. He pronounced her dead. The death certificate said “cardiac arrest.”

She never doubted or lost her faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. She always said she was destined to raise her family in the Kingdom, and knew she was blessed to survive typhoid. She acknowledged after Lester got lymphatic leukemia that the Lord blessed him to remain eight years to be with her. She never complained in those years but was grateful to be able to take care of him at home.

They had a good life together 28 years. She lived 28 years as a widow and died in the home that she and Lester planned together and moved into ten months after their marriage.

Lucile and her sister Leone.

 Lester and Lucile, 1922.

The Glade Family: Bob, Beverly, Lucile, Lester, Marjorie. About 1944.

Lucile. She loved wearing multi-colored jewelry.

Lucile in her later years.

This history was written by Lucile Green Glade and Beverly Glade Wessman and edited by Amy Tanner Thiriot, July 1998.


  1. Though I'm not on any of your lines, I come back here every once in a while and just marvel at all you have written and collected. Ancestors who have gone on become alive when reading all of this. And I have found that they are exactly like us and vice-versa. Just different times.

  2. Thanks, Lucy! Fun to have a comment from a reader named Lucy on my last post about Lucy Lucile Glade. : )

  3. I remember attending Grandma Glade's funeral.