Monday, March 7, 2011

Sidebar Blogs

I'll get back soon to posting Lucile Glade's biography, but here's a note about each of the Mormon and Family History blogs listed on the sidebar, not in any particular order.

First is a family history blog by Cripps cousin Miles in England. His blog is named My Family Roots and contains lots of information on the Cripps family as well as his other family lines. Miles belongs to a branch of the Cripps family that remained in England when other family members emigrated to Utah. Here's his post on Charles Cripps.

Next is the blog Ancestral Ties. Bessie is a descendant of John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. It has been delightful to get to know her. She has posted many John Morgan diary entries on her blog and has lots of information about the Morgan family. Here's an interesting post on John and Mellie Morgan's early family life.

Bruce started blogging at Amateur Mormon History about the history of the church in Tennessee after being transferred there for work. He is currently one of the world experts on the Cane Creek Massacre and on anything having to do with Mormon history in Tennessee. He has a lot of John Morgan material on his blog. Here are two very interesting posts, The John H. Gibbs Papers and Jeremiah & Lavinia Murphy.

Keepapitchinin is one of the two major Mormon history blogs, the other one being Juvenile Instructor. The author of Keepapitchinin, Ardis Parshall, specializes in the history of less-known members of the church, anything Brigham Young, and Piute County, Utah. She is one of the best independent research historians in the field of Mormon history and is an excellent story-teller as well. Check out her topical guide. It's all good reading, but check out in particular a recent humorous post, The Best Beards in Mormon History and for inspirational reading, see anything in the Latter-day Saint Lives section of the Topical Guide.

The Mormon Pioneer Trek - 1847 blog documents the first trip of a Mormon pioneer company to Utah. The author, Roeann Harper, drew upon the journal of her ancestor Charles Harper. I do not have any particular connection to this blog, but it is a good example of an annotated diary. Blogs are a good way to prepare large amounts of material for publication and to find people who are working on the same topic.

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