Friday, March 4, 2011

Thomas and Springthorpe Collection

Editor's Note

Posts have been rather sporadic here recently; I've been working on a number of other projects including a guest post on a Mormon history blog, working on the Thomas and Springthorpe genealogy, and various medical- and kid- and church-related projects. In other words, things are busy and I'm posting as much as possible. I do appreciate all the readers of this blog. Your encouragement and interest and comments and visits to the blog help keep the project going.

Thomas and Springthorpe Resources

After a query from a Thomas cousin, I put together a web album of documents and pictures relating to David Nathan Thomas and Adeline Springthorpe Thomas and their families. Please contact me at the email address listed on the sidebar if you would like a link to the collection in Picasa. Most of the collection was created by my father from files he inherited from his Morgan relatives and the remainder is documents and articles I have found.

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