Friday, May 6, 2011

Charles Defriez Jarvis and His Trip to Australia

I will resume posting histories of the Glade family on Monday. In the meantime...

 Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong, 1870s. Image from Wikipedia.

Charles Defriez (Jarvis) went to sea as a young man. His life story by his daughter records the following anecdote:
Charles was in Australia with his brother Ebenezer and their friend John Miles, and with them heard of “Mormonism” so called, and while the others accepted it there, he was not converted. He continued with them on the voyage, was honorably discharged from the ship with them at Puget Sound, Washington, in the fall of 1873.

From there they traveled south through Washington, Oregon, California, and on to Utah. Here the boys separated, Eb and John going to St. George, while Charley found his way to Filmore, Utah [where he joined the church].
The George and Ann Prior Jarvis Family Organization just granted me the honor of naming me the Secretary in Charge of Family History, or something to that effect, and while I was going through the genealogical records of the Jarvis family to make sure everything is updated and documented, I saw the following record of Charles's trip to Australia. He is listed as a seaman. Also on the list are Edward Defriez (probably Ebenezer) and John Miles. The passenger list shows that they had most recently sailed from Hong Kong. What adventures the three boys had!

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