Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hannah Hill Romney Album: Oh Baby

Here are three unidentified babies from Hannah Hill Romney's photo album. As always, please contact me at the email address listed on the sidebar or leave a comment if you know who is shown in any of these pictures.
Note: if you want to reproduce these pictures elsewhere (Ancestry, etc.) please remember that it is a very generous gesture on the part of the owner of the album to provide these pictures to the descendants and relatives of the Miles Park and Hannah Hood Hill Romney family. If you copy pictures, remember to note that the pictures came from this site so that other people know where they're from and can see the entire collection and help make the identifications.
Here are some good articles and a collection of links about how to cite sources. (PDF Guide: "Genealogy Source Citations") ( "How to Cite Sources.") (Cyndi's List: "Citing Sources")
And now back to the album and the three babies. The first and third pictures list only the name of C. R. (Charles Roscoe) Savage on the back, so presumably these two pictures were taken after Charles Savage and George M. Ottinger dissolved their partnership around 1872. (See Pioneer Photographers of the Far West, 478.)

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