Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Amanda Mathilda Hall from Rungstung, Tanum, Göteborg och Bohus, Sweden

I haven't done any work on Amanda Mathilda (or Matilda) Hall's family and wanted to know how difficult it was.

First, I brought up her beautiful birth and christening record, which my mother sent a number of years ago.

Födde och Döpte år 1848...
Amanda Mathilda. 7./16. Anders Hall, E. M. Bruhn (21) u. Rungstung.
Sv. Andersß, Cath. Rasmdr i Rungst., Johs Hall på Grbßt, Ana Br. Olof i. Forsh.
Born and Christened in 1848...
Amanda Mathilda, born April 7, christened April 16th. Father Anders Hall, Mother Edla Maria Bruhn (21 years old) from Rungstung.
Witnesses: Sven Andersson, Catherine Rasmusdotter from Rungstung, [uncle] Johannes Hall from Grebbestad, Ana Brita Olofsdotter from Forshalla.
The information I wanted was the name of the farm where she was born. It was Rungstung. Here it is, at the end of this unpaved road:

Here is the first place she shows up on a clerical survey.

County:  Göteborg och Bohus; Parish:  Tanum; Volume:  AI:19b; Record Type:  Husförhör (Household examination); Year Range:  1844 - 1850; Roll/Fiche:  XY-751; Handwritten/Stamped Page Number:  0/181.

The family's entry is in the right column.

It says:
No. 268
Rbm. Man. And. Rasm. Hall Svbg. 1828 31/1. 1, K. dd
Hust. Edla Mar. Bruhn Udv. 1827 7/1. 1. 11 dd
Dott. Amanda Mathilda. Tan. = 48 7/4.
T. M. Svarteborg = 49
No. 268
Ropemaker Mr. Anders Rasmusson Hall, from Svarteborg, born January 1, 1828, ?.
Mrs. Edla Maria Bruhn, from Uddevalla, born January 7, 1827, ?.
Daughter Amanda Mathilda, born in Tanum April 7, 1848.
? Svarteborg in 1849.
"Dead" here refers to Edla's death about a week after the birth of her second child, Berta Carolina, in 1850.

Thanks to my mother and a helper at the Family History Library in Salt Lake for deciphering Anders Hall's profession.

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