Friday, May 17, 2013

Johan Bengtsson Wessman in the Swedish Church Census, Continued

The last time we were looking at the Swedish records, we were looking at Johan Bengtsson Wessman's entries in the Husförhör (clerical census). I got to the 1845-50 census and couldn't see the family at Braseröd farm anymore.

Three weeks later I've finally had an opportunity to look at the records again.

The family actually was still at Braseröd farm. I'm not sure how I missed them. So here are the next census records, but first, here is a picture of the cover of the 1851-1855 record book.

Romelanda Parish, Braseröd Farm, 1845-1850

The record starts with a note that the family is moving or has moved to Stora Äspholmen, another farm in the parish.

Farmer Bengt Pehrsson, 1796
Mrs. Maret Olofsdoter 1801
Son Gustaf [18]23
Son Andreas 2/9 1826
Son Johan 1/3 1840

Daughter Catharina 8/8 1829
Daughter Anna Greta 18/10 1833
... Borta Olsdr 1804     Kareby 48

Romelanda Parish, Stora Äspholmen, 1851-1855

The priest is using a printed book. Each entry stretches across two pages.

Stora Espholmen [Äspholmen]
? Braseröd

Retired farmer Bengt Pehrsson 1796 10/1
Mrs Maret Olofsdotter 1801
Son Gustaf 1823 24/6 [born in] Romelanda
Son Johan 1840 1/3 [born in] ditto

Romelanda Parish, Braseröd Farm, 1856-1860

They're back in Braseröd, and Bengt is not listed as retired anymore.

Farmer Bengt Pehrsson 1796 10/1
Mrs Maret Olsdr 1801
Son Johan 1840 1/3

As we've seen many times, Maret was born in 1801, but her exact birthdate is unknown.

As noted before, I'm trying to remember to put a copy of the Wessman family fan chart each time I discuss these families. Johan is the center person in the green. He was the husband of Amanda Mathilda Hall Wessman. Johan's parents Bengt and Maret are shown in blue. Not as much is known about Maret's family, because the parish records were burned at some point, but over time I will attempt to reconstruct her family from the other records.

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