Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day: General John "Black Jack" Pershing

Great-grandpa Leroy "Roy" Tanner served under General John "Black Jack" Pershing at the Mexican border. The old St. Johns house had a stack of old records that we used to listen to at family reunions, including one about General Pershing. I think it was about Pershing on the Mexican border, but I can't find it online, so here's one about Pershing in World War I.

My father is continuing to go through the Overson photo collection, and he found this one of General Pershing at a 1920 event to commemorate the deceased World War I soldiers from the University of Arizona. Since this is from the Overson collection and is in the same style as the other pictures, it was probably taken by Margaret Jarvis Overson. Her only daughter Eva would marry Roy Tanner, a veteran of the Mexican Border conflict and World War I, three years later in 1923.

General Pershing at the University of Arizona, January 31, 1920. From the Overson photo collection. All rights reserved.

Read more about the commemorative event and the picture on the blog, Genealogy's Star. (Gems from the Overson Photographic Collection - General Pershing at the University of Arizona.)

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  1. Very cool picture and story! Nice seeing you yesterday :)