Monday, December 16, 2013

The James and Mary McNair Hamilton Family: Paisley to Glasgow to Salt Lake City

I've never done much work on the Hamiltons, but a relative from Australia contacted me today with a question, so here are the pictures and some basic resources on the family. To start, here is the family line:

Beverly Glade Wessman (1924-2008)

William Lester Glade (1894-1952)

Annie Harris Hamilton Glade (1873-1957)

James Harris Hamilton (1838-1887) and Mary McNair Hamilton (1836-1922)
Standing (L to R): John, Elizabeth or Mary.
Seated in chairs: Elizabeth or Mary, James, Mary.
Seated in front: Annie.

John Hamilton (1817-) and Ann Harris Hamilton McQueen (1819-1892)
Note: This is the picture I've had labeled as John, but looking at the age of the picture, it is John Hamilton, the boy shown in the picture directly above. I am showing it here to state that it is not our ancestor John Hamilton, and I have removed it from the listing of the family found at the top left of this blog.

Here are some more pictures of the James and Mary Hamilton Family.

James Hamilton.
Mary McNair Hamilton.

The Hamilton entries in the Church Emigration Records. See Mormon Migration.
Salt Lake Herald, "Died," November 25, 1887, 5.

James Hamilton in the Salt Lake death registers. Entry 14172. This is really a fascinating group of deaths: note Eliza R. Snow, the widow of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and other notable names.
Since James Hamilton was president of the Glasgow Branch there will be plenty about him in the history of the Church. See, for example:

Hunter, John, "Glasgow District Meeting," Millennial Star 45, No. 48, 465. 
Here is the obituary for daughter Agnes:

"Died," Millennial Star 43, No. 18, 288.
Here is Mary's entry in the Salt Lake Death Registers:

Her death certificate has the same information, so I will not include it here.

Here's Mary's funeral notice. I've read the Deseret News through the 18th and don't see a standard obituary.
Deseret News, "Funeral Notice," April 14, 1922, 2.


  1. I'm sitting at the Forensic Genealogy Conference in Dallas right now and happened upon your blog post based on my 2nd great grandparents James and Mary Hamilton. I am aware of these distant cousins I have in Australia, but have never had any contact with them. Nice job. Let me know if you would like some additional information and I'll see what I have - I most likely have additional pictures -

  2. Wonderful, Wendy! It's always nice to "hear" from relatives online. That would be great if you have more photos. I'm continuing to work on this line and the story of John Hamilton's death, but it's going to take awhile to finish it and put it on the blog.