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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 26, 1884

Brigham Jarvis.

Wednesday 26.  Weather dull cloudy just sprinkling  Brig has bought Br   Mustards house for three hundred dollars   Leany Mattese is to be married to Jousha Crosby this week. cooked dinner kniting ctr had a pleasant chat with Br Mansfield  Weather blustering rain stop^p^ed. shy clear bley^w^ing hard – Father ^is^ at the wine cellar I am a lone Josey ^is^ at School. Father went teaching in the evening  Josey stuied her lessons.

Brig — Brigham Jarvis.

Br Mustard — David Mustard (1819-1895).

Leany Mattese — Lena Albertina Mathis (1864-1949) the daughter of Johannes Mathys and Anna Bryner, Swiss immigrants. Ann's spelling indicates how the name "Mathis" was pronounced.

Jousha Crosby — Joshua Alma Crosby (1863-1909), son of Jesse Wentworth Crosby, Sr., and Hannah Elida Baldwin. Joshua and Lena were some of the first of the children born in St. George to marry.

Br Mansfield — Matthew Mansfield (1810-1891) or perhaps (less likely) one of his sons.

Wine cellar — George Jarvis was in charge of wine production for the bishop's storehouse in St. George, making wine for the sacrament.

Josey — Daughter Josephine Jarvis.

Teaching — Ward teaching, now called home teaching.

Her lessons — Josephine was teaching in a local school.

Lancaster, Dennis R. "Dixie Wine." Thesis (M.A.) Brigham Young University Department of History, 1972.

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