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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — July 16–27, 1884

This installment details more family life: work, a birth, sicknesses, and a Pioneer Day Celebration that was much more festive than the Fourth of July for the residents of St. George in 1884. Ann notes, "I have twenty six living Grand children, five dead."

June 1884  July

Wed 16 Weather fine this is Georges birthday ^a month after^
      I went to meeting thinking it was tuesday sit in Marys part of the afternoon I was sorry to miss the meeting through my carelessness

Thur 17     Weather warm We called on Mrs White lock last evening. Father is not very well
     I have done some kniting Josey is making her a dress.

F 18     Weather pleasant cool nights & mornings
     I have been pareing apples to day. I am sorry to hear Eleanor is very sick again

Sat 19     Weather fair Mary gave birth to a daughter this morning I am not well I took Anne for a ride spent a very pleasant evening after I came home sent a letter to Maggie & Heber

Sun 20     Weather pleasant I went to Meeting Thomas & Em called in the evening Josey took them home in the buggy Amelia called in I have twenty six living Grand children five dead

Mon 21     Weather fine spent the day cooking din^n^er kniting Ect received a letter from Heber

Tuesd 22     Weather pleasant

Wed 23     Weather windy

Thur 24     Weather cloudy. We had a pretty good time good toasts & sentiments I had a nice ride for a few blocks We had a very good time 

Friday 25     Weather very warm we all feel sleepy and dull my eyes are painful

Sat 26     Weather fine I do not feel very bright for my eyes are weak and blood shot I expect it is caused by the intense heat of the weather

Sun 27     Weather very warm I went to meeting but I could not keep awake. I took Em home in the buggy

From Charles Lowell Walker's Diary
24 July Was celebrated after the usual style, Speeches, music, songs, and toasts, games and amusements in the P.M. All went off quite [sic] and peacefully.

went to meeting thinking it was tuesday — Relief Society.

Mary gave birth to a daughter — Ethel Jarvis (Bennett) (1884-1925) the daughter of Brigham and Mary Forsyth Jarvis. 

George's birthday — George Frederick Jarvis was born on June 16, 1847 in Poplar, London, England. Ann is getting her dates confused, as she notes above the line.

pretty good time good toasts & sentiments — Pioneer Day.

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