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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — June 10–22, 1884

In this installment Ann continues to deal with her chronic illness, working and attending meetings as possible. I'm still looking for clues about her ongoing health problems. 

In the last installment, Ann could not attend meetings since her only Sunday dress was too warm as the season changed, so we see her starting to sew a new one. She was a trained and talented seamstress and also trained her daughters in the craft.

Another story line here involves her son George. (As always, when she says "George," she means her oldest son.) He took his invalid wife Eleanor to Bellevue, probably for her health, but meanwhile his second wife, Rose, became ill at home.

Tus 10     Weather very sultry sent a letter to Charley to day spent the day kniting washing dishes ect I have not been out to day I was disturbed in my sleep last night Father was watering

Wed 11     Weather rain. I woul like to do more work than I do  
     I spent the day at needle work cooking I took Em some R^h^ubard I took Anne for a ride and some of Annes Children

Thurs 12     Weather fine received a letter from Sam

Frid 13     Weather blustering trying to make a dress feel sleepy such a task to work when I do not feel well I did not attend my Conference fell miserable

Sat 14 Weather Warm    went to conference Br Taylor spoke  his preaching was very good. Anne & I went riding went to the funeral of Br Mcdonnald Child

Sunday 15    Weather fine  I went to meeting in the morning I was late I did not hear the preaching I stayed at Em in the afternoon rode out in the evening with Josey Sister Knele & [indecipherable] called

Mon 16     Weather Georges birthday [^age^] 27 George Ate dinner here we played checkers We are invited to supper at five oclock at his home spent a pleasant Evening a Georges played checkers

Tus 17     Weather fine I did not attend my meeting to day Sister Crosby sent for me on particular business played checkers with George he intends taking Eleanor to morrow to Bellevue

Wed 18     Weather very warm. I finished my dress to day Father & I rode out this evening called on Em she and babies are well Thomas is at the Santa Clara

Thur 19     Weather warm made me a dress G has taken Eleanor to Bellevue   making me a dress

Friday 20    Weather very warm thundering & lightning poor little Emma has hurt her thumb has lost her nail  Rose is sick   Anne ^W^ Jarvis is sick Georges Child

Sat 21     Weather Sultry finished my dress took Em for a ride then Josey Father has to water his lot to night    had our stove moved. made soap

Sun 22     Weather warm went to meeting took Anne to see Rose  she is very sick

There are no entries in Charles Lowell Walker's diary for this time period.

Br McDonnald Child — This is Joseph Booth McDonald (1883-1884), the son of Joseph Booth Macdonald (1857-1942) and Mary Virginia Ashby (1859-1899). He was a grandchild of Alexander Findlay Macdonald.

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