Sunday, July 19, 2015

Faded Rose Petals and Perfumes

In a recent visit to my parents' house, I opened a box labeled "Wessman genealogy" and found a hat box stuffed full of old treasures. Here are a few of them.

Wrapped in a silk handkerchief inside an elegant string bag was a lock of hair and a note that these petals were roses from Lucile Green Glade's wedding bouquet.

The other items in the box included two fans, leather gloves too small to fit my hands, a crocheted needle booklet, a gold-leafed perfume bottle that smells like my forty-year-old memories of Lucile Glade, two bone-handled utensils, and a ring dish.

Lucile was introduced to Lester Glade on a trip to Yellowstone by her aunt, May Green Hinckley. May and Lester had served together in the Central States Mission after his stint in the Army at the end of World War I. This is a fun picture with Lester smiling at Lucile, obviously smitten.

Lester, May Green, Rulon Sperry, Lucile, Bill Birkenshaw.

This is Lucile's engagement picture.

I don't see any wedding photos in my collection, but here is a picture of Lester and Lucile from one of their many camping trips.


  1. I think Lucile looks almost exactly like our cousin Emily. Especially in the last photo.

  2. Oh wow, that's totally awesome! Imagine, those rose petals have survived nearly a century.

    And yes, those pictures do look like Emily.