Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The "Historic Pugsley Manor House"

"Manor" is an exaggeration: it is built on the same pattern as several other houses in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The homes located at the addresses where the two Pugsley families were living in 1900 (341 West 400 North and 575 N 200 West) are listed as being built in 1908 and 1909, so after the deaths of Philip and Martha Pugsley and not long before the death of Clarissa Pugsley, Philip's second wife.

I tried to pull up Philip's probate for details on the family property but his main file does not seem to be available now on Ancestry. I hope they continue to host the entire Wills and Probates file for the Utah.

The home has this note on Zillow: "The home was once known as Pugsley Manor and was the home of Elizabeth Anne Pugsley, a pioneer period feminist who was responsible for obtaining the right to vote for women in Utah." Er, something like that. I'll have to double-check, but I believe that Elizabeth and her husband, Henry Hayward, never lived on Pugsley Court. Another home data website, redfin, lists the date of construction of this home as 1916.

It looks like this question could use some more investigation, but in any case, the home is an interesting example of the architecture of the 1910s, and one of the guests put an interesting note about Elizabeth Pugsley Hayward in her review of the Airbnb rental.

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