Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jean Wessman's Funeral

Here are a couple more pictures of Jean's children and sons- and daughters-in-law after her funeral on October 22, 1959.

Left to right: Keith, Lilly, Gam, Del, Elaine, Ernie, Norinne, Donna, Boyd

(There's another picture with Elaine making everyone laugh, but I wouldn't want to post it on the internet without her permission!)

Left to right: John, Beverly, Tex, Liz, Barbara, Harry, Joe, Jean, Paul, Phil

Jean's gravesite at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Hazel Jean Hayward Wessman is buried at X-3-154-2-W, her husband Henry Richard Emanuel Wessman is buried at X-3-154-W-1 (50992), and their oldest daughter Merle Hayward Wessman is buried next to them.

 And a nice picture of Jean with her granddaughter Ann.

Here is the post with another photo from Jean's funeral and a couple of other pictures of the family.

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  1. What fun photos! Thanks! I always enjoy reading your posts--thanks for all your work!