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Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database

The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database is one of the most comprehensive and amazing genealogical resources available anywhere. It is hosted by the Church History Library (CHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, but has become what it is due to the dedication and service of one of the librarians at the CHL and a small handful of dedicated, long-term, detail-oriented service missionaries. (Here's a previous post about the database.)

The database includes members of the Church who traveled to Utah before the railroad, whether from the east or the west. Most of these people joined the Church in the eastern United States or Europe and crossed the Plains heading west, but some pioneers, including the Parkinsons listed below, joined the Church in Australia and sailed across the Pacific Ocean to join the Mormon settlement in San Bernardino, California, and from there traveled across the desert to Utah.

I've included links below to each of my ancestors who is listed in the database, and a few who aren't in it.

In each link, if you click on the name of the pioneer, you will be able to see notes and sources for the pioneer, including every mention of the pioneer in various records, as well as a link to the pioneer company, which lists all known members of the company and all known sources about the company.

If you have additional primary information (autobiographies, diaries, obituaries, census or immigration records) that would add to the valuable information in the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database, you can send it to the missionaries to add to the collection.

Tanner Ancestors

Christensen, Jens (1819-1866)
Christensen, Karen Mary Johannesen (1821-1878)
Jarvis, Ann Prior (1829-1913)
Jarvis, George (1823-1913)
Jarvis, Margaret Jarvis (1857-1934)
Oveson, Jens Andreas (1816-1905)
Oveson, Kjersten Maria Pedersen (1813-1874)
Oveson, Mary Kjirstine Christensen (1846-1922)
Oveson, Ove Christian (1840-1924)
Parkinson, Mary Ann Bryant Porter (1826-1905)
Parkinson, Thomas (1830-1906)
Shepherd, Samuel (1790-1877)
Tanner, Eliza Ellen Parkinson (1857-1930)
Tanner, Henry Martin (1852-1935)
Tanner, John (1778-1850)
Tanner, Julia Ann Shepherd (1829-1899)
Tanner, Sidney (1809-1895)

Morgan Ancestors

Christensdatter, Christiane (1799-?)
  • Not in database; left Denmark on a ship in 1866; more research needs to be done to figure out which year she crossed the plains.
Christensen, Jens and Karen
  • See entries in Tanner section.
Christensen, Marinus (1863-1927)
Linton, Ellen Sutton McKetchney (1832-1909)
Linton, Samuel (1828-1916)
Morgan, John Hamilton (1842-1894)
Sutton, John (1788-1865)
Sutton, Mary Ellison (1799-1869)
Thomas, David Nathan (1820-1888)
Thomas, Adeline Springthorpe Sparks (1826-1891)

Wessman Ancestors

Cripps, Charles (1795-1870)
Cripps, Elizabeth Baker (1801-1891)
Hayward, Gammon (1828-1883)
Hayward, Henry John (1852-1927)
Hayward, Sarah Ann Cripps (1830-1932)
Pugsley, Martha Roach (1829-1906)
Pugsley, Philip (1822-1903)

Glade Ancestors

Glade, Eliza Mary Litson (1846-1920)
Glade, James (1831-1882)
Hill, Archibald Newell (1816-1900)
Litson, Frances Ann Mathews (1819-1885)
Litson, Richard (1819-1872)
Marsden, Mary Ann Hancock (1803-1877)
  • Should she be in database? Her migration year was 1866, but she may not have crossed the plains that year or the next. This information needs to be tracked down.
McQueen, Ann Harris Hamilton (1819-1892)
  • When did she and her husband cross the ocean and cross the plains?
Pettit, Edwin (1834-1924)
Pettit, Rebecca Hood Hill (1845-1922)

Other People I've Requested Added to the Database

The Redd Slaves (Chancey, Luke, Marinda, Sam, Venus)
Eliza Christine Carolina Reiche Wilcken and children

The pictures (all from Wikipedia and used under a Creative Commons License) are of Independence Rock, South Pass, the Sweetwater River (1870), Echo Canyon, and the Salt Lake Valley, major sites along the Mormon Trail.

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