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Important John Morgan Posts

To make this site more useful, here is a list of the most interesting posts about John Morgan and his family. It also includes a number of links to Ancestral Ties.

Early History

John Morgan—Early Life and Civil War
Birth and service in the 123rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment.

John Morgan Biography—Salt Lake City
John Morgan starts his college and marries Helen Melvina Groesbeck.

Robert Lang Campbell
The Salt Lake City man who befriended and baptized John Morgan and started him on his career in education.

Southern States Mission and Church Service

The History of the Southern States Mission
This is quite extensive. This history was published in The Latter Day Saints Southern Star, 1898-99. As of today it contains 34 posts. The index is here.

An Incident in the Life of President John Morgan
An adventure on the trains.

A Warning Sent to John Morgan
"We will not suffer you any longer to impose upon some of the ignorant men of this mountain."

Another Warning Note to John Morgan
"Runn Morgan Runn."

A Trip to Lookout Mountain
A missionary tells about a day trip to Lookout Mountain with President Morgan.

Looking Up Southern States Missionaries
A response to a question from a reader.

Service as a General Authority
A review of the article "The Seventies in the 1880s" by William Hartley.

Notes from Church Chronology
A timeline of the service dates of the First Council of the Seventies up to 1900 and some notes about John Morgan's service.


Where Did John Morgan Die?
In Matthias Cowley's home in Preston, Idaho.

Garrard Morgan III and Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan, Part 1, (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4)

Garrard and Eliza Morgan's Children
How many siblings did John Morgan have, and why do the records disagree?

John Morgan's Brother James
Why does James Morgan show up in the 1880 Colorado census?

Garrard Morgan II and Sarah Sanderson Morgan
A history of John Morgan's grandparents with notes about his aunts and uncles.

Wives and Families

Helen Groesbeck Morgan

Annie Smith Morgan

Mary Ann Linton Morgan

John Morgan's Children
A list of the children from his three families.

John Sutton Linton
Why did John Morgan meet Mary Ann Linton?

Don't miss the information about the Morgan family on Ancestral Ties, in particular:
John Hamilton Morgan
Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan
Annie Mildred Smith Morgan
Mary Ann Linton Morgan

Garrard Morgan III
Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan

James Morgan (These posts involved some real detective work.)

Garrard Morgan II
Sarah Sanderson

James P. Hamilton
Margaret (Peggy) Turner

Annotated Diary

John Morgan's Diary
November 17-22, 1888
November 23-26, 1888
November 27-30, 1888
December 1, 1888
December 2, 1888
December 3, 1888
December 4-5, 1888
December 6, 1888
December 7-8, 1888
December 9, 1888
December 10-14, 1888
December 15-18, 1888
December 19-23, 1888

See also Ancestral Ties, where Bessie is annotating more diary entries. She has the diary entries listed in the index under "JHM [date] journal entry" with all the entries from the year listed under the heading.

Sermons, Stories, and Correspondence

John Morgan to Garrard Morgan, Feb. 12, 1863
A soldier writes to his father.

Mother's Day John Morgan Civil War Letter
A soldier writes to his mother.

Heber J. Grant to the Morgan Family
A summary of a letter written to the Morgan family by Grant following reminiscences about John Morgan at B.H. Roberts' 80th birthday celebration.

Address Given May 23, 1881, in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City
John Morgan talks about preaching the gospel in the Southern States and relocation of the converts to Conejos County, Colorado.

Address Given December 18, 1881, in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City
John Morgan talks about the Southern States Mission and the Colorado Settlements.

Missionary Experience on the Little Colorado—John Morgan's Death—A Miraculous Administration
A few pages from a Morgan book with some information about Mary Ann Linton Morgan.

John Morgan on the Southern States Mission
Morgan's notes on the mission of James T. Lisonbee.

Gravestones and Monuments

Morgan Family Gravestones
Photos of the gravestones in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Gravestone Locations
How to locate the gravestones in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

The John Morgan Monument
Pictures and text of a beautifully restored monument located at 257 South Main Street in Salt Lake City.

The John Morgan Monument
The Southern States Missionaries take up a collection to provide a grave marker for John Morgan. Includes text of a letter published in various newspapers, signed by B.H. Roberts, J. Golden Kimball, William Spry, Elias S. Kimball and Ben E. Rich.

As found in the Southern Star in 1900 compiled from several sources.

John Morgan Funeral Address by B.H. Roberts (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


Sources on John Morgan
A list of sources about Morgan, his family, and the Southern States Mission.

(This was originally published Nov. 28, 2009, but I will keep moving it up as I add new Morgan materials so it shows up first in the index.)


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  2. Thanks, Bessie, and thanks for your many contributions!

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