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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — July 28–August 8, 1884

And, now we know the name of the horse. Pope. Ann was pretty mad when he broke the buggy since it meant that with her precarious health, she would not be able to leave her house much. However, she took advantage of being stranded at home to read the Book of Mormon, and that seemed to lift her spirits.

Ann has noted several relatives leaving for Sanpete. They were going there to help build the Manti Temple, or support family members there.

Mon 28     Weather fair Anne H Milne started for Sanpete on last Saturday our Anne feels lonely she spent part of the day here I have been kniting to day

Anna Hess Milne.

Tuesd 29     Weather warm I attended my meeting to day Sister Woodbury called to day we had a letter from George & a note from Elanor give Anne a ride

Wed 30     Weather pleasant  Josey took Mary Alice Nelon home in the buggy Brig had his grain threshed

Thursday 31     Weather pleasant I have written to Eleanor to day

Friday 1 August Weather warm Em came here I took her home in the buggy

Sat 2     Weather warm Father has let Pope mash the buggy up I can stay home now

Sun 3     Weather sultry Father & Josey has gone to the funeral of Mr Whitelocks baby I pity them only those that has laid their dear ones away can realise the desolate feeling of parents

Mon 4     Weather moderate I am not able to do much to day as my eyes are weak I have wild hairs. (?) I feel rather depressed in spirits it is because I have to stay home so much bought bacon & sugar come to fifty cents for Anne

tusday 5     Weather fine

Wed 6     Weather warm

Thurs 7     Weather windy it is fast day Brig had his baby blest its name is Ethel I had dinner with them

Friday 8     Weather changeable sky dark stormy. I have read the book of Mormon through this week
     We shall soon be through with the warm weather
     the seasons come & go & bring us nearer to the change

From Charles Lowell Walker's Diary
Aug 7th Thursday 1884 Hot day. Went to fast meeting. Spoke a short time; showed that it was impossible to exhaust the Fountain of intelligence, that we were a much favored people in being permitted to come upon the earth in the last days...

Anne H Milne — Anna Hess Milne. David Milne had two living wives at this time, Ann's daughter Anne, and Anna Hess. His first wife, Susan Young, died in 1881. David had skills that were in demand for building the temple, so he was there along with George F. Jarvis and many other community members.

Sister Woodbury — There were a number of Woodburys in St. George, but this would have been Ann Cannon Woodbury (1832-1921), the mother of Eleanor Woodbury Jarvis, and she would have brought the letters from George and Eleanor.

Mary Alice Nelon — Mary Alice Thompson Nelson (1853-1915), the daughter of Robert Thompson and Alice Hulme Lougee and wife of William A. Nelson.

Pope — The horse!

Mr Whitelocks baby — Murkins Whitelock, see July 13. His grieving parents left St. George after his death.

the desolate feeling of parents — Ann is talking about the loss of her children Elizabeth Frances and Willie.

Ethel — See entry from July 19.

nearer to the change — "Death, be not proud, though some have called thee/Mighty and dreadful, for, thou art not so..."

C.G. Naegle, Anna Hess — CG Naegle collection, FamilySearch Family Tree. (Source.)

Valeri [pseud.] Murkins Whitelock gravestone, FindAGrave, used by permission. (Source.)

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