Sunday, September 2, 2007


Each AncestorFile starts with #1 my grandmother or grandfather. Then #2 is his or her father. #3 is his or her mother. #4 is his or her father's father. #5 is his or her father's mother. #6 is his or her mother's father. #7 is his or her mother's mother. #8 is his or her father's grandfather. And so forth. This is called the ahnentafel system.

Here is a very basic ahnentafel that covers five generations. It could be expanded with births, christenings, marriages, deaths, burials, and relationships.

1 Grandpa Tanner
2 Leroy Parkinson Tanner
3 Eva Margaret Overson Tanner
4 Henry Martin Tanner
5 Eliza Ellen Parkinson Tanner
6 Henry Christian Overson
7 Margaret Godfrey Jarvis Overson
8 Sidney Tanner
9 Julia Ann Shepherd Tanner
10 Thomas Parkinson
11 Mary Ann Bryant Parkinson
12 Ove Christian Oveson
13 Mary Kjerstine Christensen Oveson
14 Charles Godfrey (Defriez) Jarvis
15 Margaret Jarvis
16 John Tanner
17 Lydia Stewart Tanner
18 Samuel Shepherd
19 Roxalana Ray Shepherd
20 James Parkinson
21 Elizabeth Chattle Parkinson
22 Samuel Bryant
23 Sarai Stapley Bryant
24 Jens Andreas Oveson
25 Kjersten Maria Pederson Oveson
26 Jens Christensen
27 Karen Mary Johannesen Christensen
28 Joseph George Defriez
29 Mary Ann Godfrey Defriez
30 George Jarvis
31 Ann Prior Jarvis

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