Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Family History Mystery

I haven't posted for quite awhile and won't have anymore posts for several more weeks. Here is a little genealogy recreation, though.

Ove Oveson was married to Mary Kjirstine Christensen. Mary emigrated to the United States with her father and mother and sister and adopted brother. I assumed that this was the entire family unit. Her father and sister died on the plains.

A few days ago I was looking at some Danish Mormon emigration records and found that the family consisted of:

(Family.Person - Name - Age - Place of Origin - Relationship)
10.1 Jens Christensen 47 Graverhus Mand
2 Karen Marie Christensen 49 Bremsholt Wife
3 Maren Cathrine Christensen 20 Bremsholt Dau
4 Christine Christensen 18 Ulslev Dau
5 Marinus Christensen 2 Wraa Son (would mean Vrå)
6 Christiane Christensen 67 Flade Moder
7 Ane Lovise Christensen 24 Punkrog Pige (Girl)
(Oversigt Over Emigranterne Som Afreiste Fra Vensyssel 7 May 1866 Peder 534)

Christiane (6) was Jen's mother. The church records say that she died 5 Nov 1865 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, (half-way between Ogden and Logan) but if she emigrated in 1866, how could she have died the previous year?

Also, I cannot find any locations named "Graverhus" or "Bremsholt" or "Punkrog" or anything similar in Denmark.

As I look through the church genealogy records for this extended family, quite a number of related families joined the church and moved to Utah. Maybe my dad already has all of this information... I need to get a Macintosh genealogy program so I can look at his files and figure out what needs to be done on this family.

Photo credit: A little lake near the town Slagelse, Denmark.


  1. Hi,
    You can see almost everything I have on New FamilySearch.

    It is a little confusing but if you look at the sources you can see my submissions.

    You might want to get the Mac program Reunion also. Thanks for all your really nice work.

  2. The AncestryInsider says that the Washington Temple District has been notified of the implementation of New FamilySearch so I assume it will go active very soon.
    Dad (James)

  3. Graverhus is about 5 Km east of Tendrup DK.

  4. Thank you!

    The online resources including Google Maps have all greatly improved since I wrote this five years ago. I'll return to the subject of the Oveson and Christensen families when I start posting the diary of Ove Oveson, one of these years.