Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life in the Dark Ages

The other day in a conversation, a friend used the expression "it was as dark as the inside of a cow." Following so closely my dad's post on walking in the dark, it brought to mind the following anecdote, probably told by Granny. I wish I could tell things in as funny a way as she did. I also don't remember the identity of the people in the story, but they were relatives of some sort. I'll call them Bert and Ethel.

Bert and Ethel were walking home from a dance late one night in St. Johns. It was, as they say, as dark as the inside of a cow. As they came down Main Street and turned the corner by the Overson home, they tripped over a cow.

They argued with the Oversons for years about whose cow it was and why it was in the road.

(Oh boy, the explanation was longer than the story itself!)

An upcoming post on the Bryant family is currently in production. It is taken mostly from a paper I did in college, but I have some interesting additional details to add from a Stapley family history. Look for it in a week or two.

Photo of the cow from with permission granted for use. I found the photo of the Overson house online but neglected to save the link. Let me know if it's yours so I can provide attribution.


  1. Never having been in a cow, I cannot vouch for the darkness.

  2. I love the way Granny told stories. I wish some of that rubbed off on me!