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Tanner 24 & 25: Jens & Kjersten Pederson Oveson

I'm always amazed at this picture of Ove and his brother Lars Peter. In August and September 1922 Ove took a road trip to visit his brother in Utah. Ove was 82 years old and Peter was 69.

Here's Ove's account of the trip, edited for clarity.
Trip by Auto to Utah in 1922

Left St. Johns on August 23 with D.P. Oveson Jr.

Went through Gallup, Shiprock, Cortez, Monticello, Moab, Green River, Price, Huntington, and arrived at Castle Dale on the 27 of August.

Found my brother and his family all well. Traveled 527.6 miles. It cost $12. 68¢ for gas and oil and repairs. $1.15 for food.

Stayed there until September 23 then Peter took me to Ephraim. We visited with relatives and friends in Emery County. Was in Huntington, Cleveland, Elmo and Orangeville and visited Niels Oveson, brother, Jens Oveson, brother, Caroline L. Oliver, sister, and families and of my brothers’ children, Lew P. Oveson and family, Nora Ovesons (dead) husband Joseph Larson, Bishop of Cleveland, Clarence D. Oveson and family, Moroni Oveson and family. Geneva Oveson and husband Peter Johnson, eight friends Erick Larson, Cleveland, O. Sorenson Castle Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Orangeville and many others, but my main stay was with my brother L.P. Oveson and family and they treated me fine.

On the 23 of September Peter took me to Ephraim, Sanpete County, fifty miles in his auto. We arrived there in the evening and stopped at our cousin’s A.C. Nielson and family.

The 24 and 25 visited old relations and friends, Mother Oveson, our father’s third wife, Christian Hald and wife, friends from Denmark, Maria, a sister and her husband, Lars and Christian Hansen widowers, Martin Isaacson, some of Poulson’s sons, Peter Peterson (Davie) one of Lars Anderson’s sons (he is married to one of Mariane Oveson’s daughters). Niels Peterson (Postmaster) Orson Poulson, Peter Larson and wife Sophia, and many more.

On the 26 I went to the temple in Manti where I was sealed to my father and mother.

I added some additional information and photos to the previous Oveson post. Here are some links that I saw today:
  • Here is a partial transcription of the autobiography of Jens and Kjersten's son Lars Peter Oveson. The entire history can be found in the BYU library.
  • Here is a general conference talk by Jens and Kjersten's great-grandson, Stephen B. Oveson. He mentions his grandfather, Lars Peter.

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