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Tanner 30 & 31: George and Ann Jarvis Children

George Frederick Jarvis was ten years old when the family sailed to Boston and thirteen years old when they moved to Utah. He worked extensively on the plastering of the St. George temple. He was bishop in St. George and later patriarch and was held in very high regard in his community. He married Eleanor Woodbury and had eight children and later also married Rosinia Sylvester.

Ann Catherine Jarvis Milne was born in London and made the trip across the ocean with the family. Her biography notes that the Jarvis family also lived in Ashland, Massachusetts, for awhile. During her childhood, an Indian scared her little sister Maggie, so Ann Catherine picked up a stick and beat the Indian out of the house. Ann was David Milne's second wife and they had eight children. She was still alive when the Jarvis book was written. She passed away in 1956 at age 109.

Brigham Jarvis was also born in Stepney, London. He married Mary Forsythe the first day the St. George temple was open and they had twelve children, seven of whom died as infants or toddlers. Brigham was involved in construction and irrigation work.

Amelia Jarvis Webb married William Webb and had twelve children, two of whom died in infancy. They were farmers and very hard workers although her health was poor throughout her life.

Samuel Walter Jarvis was the last of the children born in England. He married Frances (Fanny) DeFriez, who was the sister of our ancestor Charles Godfrey (Defriez) Jarvis. They had twelve children. Samuel married next in 1902 in Mexico to Pearl Taylor and they had seven children. The family fled Mexico in 1912 and settled in Benson, Arizona, and eventually returned to Mexico. Mary Ann Godfrey Defriez lived with her daughter Fanny and her family in the years before she died.

Margaret Jarvis was our ancestor. She was born in Boston and married in St. George to Charles Godfrey DeFriez Jarvis (he changed his name and was sealed into the Jarvis family). They had eight children and lived most of their lives in Arizona. Among the other many forms of work they did, living in a pioneer community, he trained in Chicago as a dentist and she trained in Salt Lake City as a midwife.

Elizabeth Jarvis was born while the Jarvis family was living in the Boston area. She died there at the age of four months.

Heber Jarvis was born in Salt Lake City, six weeks after the family arrived in Utah, his mother having walked almost the entire way across the plains. He settled in Arizona and married Susan Janet Smith. They lived in Snowflake, Nutrioso, Eager, and finally St. Johns. Heber and Susan had fifteen children. Heber was a member of the Arizona legislature and a firm supporter of women's suffrage.

Emmaline Jarvis Cottam was the first child born in St. George. She married Thomas Cottam who later served (among other things) as President of the St. George Temple and Mayor of St. George. They had ten children.

Victoria Josephine Jarvis Miles was a school teacher for many years before marrying George Miles slightly later in life. They had seven children. Shortly after their marriage, George was called on a four year mission in the Southern States.

Thomas William Jarvis was the last child of George and Ann Jarvis. He was killed by lightning on the steps of the St. George Tabernacle on April 5, 1881, when he was seven years old.

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