Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, July 18, 1913

Hunt Ariz
July 18 1913

My Own Dearest Jessie: — What an address but that is just the way I feel this Afternoon. I have been thinking and dreaming of you soley [sic] for the last three hours. But am just as far from the solution of the problem of just how much I love you as I was at the start but it is oh so much, sometimes more than I think you realize little Sweetheart, and what a happy thought to have the confidence that from you that love is returned. I have just read the little piece I enclose and thought how true. It is impossible for me to imagine a world without you. Every empty space I find in this beautiful delightful hideous, struggling pleasuring loving affectionate, and tender hearted world of life is filled by you. It’s the truth dear that I had the unlimited nerve to expect a letter from you last night so much so that I looked the mail over myself but all to no avail. Yet I’ll forgive as I’m forgiven and read that one that comes tonight an extra time. Just see how much faith I have in you. And how much egotism your little boy displays. But the way things go it almost makes one wonder if that is not about a third of what life is made of anyway if it is not it is a fact that is goes a long way towards helping one see their way clear especially on a rainy day like today. It has been raining here the last two hours but looks now as though it would clear up. My don’t things look fresh and sweet just after a hard rain. It almost makes me think that is what a great many of us need a right good rain storm to hit us. But while its doing the job I wish it would drown about a billion of these flies that are bothering me just at the present moment, to say nothing of the mosquitoes that are every where. Well dear I’ve got about eight streams of water to turn yet tonight so will say goodbye hoping to hear from you tonight with worlds of love I am still yours Harold.

(Photo of goldeneye from flickr.com/photos/johnida/1290454915/ with no commercal uses)

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