Monday, January 19, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, July 8, 1913

Hunt Ariz.
July 8 1913

Dearest Jessie: — Tonight I am using the scraps of paper, just finishing up my fifth or sixth box of stationary [sic]. What an expensive luxury you are anyway. But my only wish is that I could spend more time with that “luxury.”

Yet all my thoughts are with you if my presence is not.

Last night I had such a sweet dream of you and oh how hard I tried not to wake up. Have been humming that tune, “Oh, Mr. Dream Man” all day. I wonder if he will. But suppose there is no such luck, yet a dream is such a poor excuse after all. I think I will come up and partake a little of the reality in the next few days. It’s either quit the job or see you, with me.

Gee but Im [sic] lonesome

Tonight we’ve got an automobile party with us tonight. Suppose they were afraid of the dark. It surley [sic] is dark tonight. Wish I were there to take you up to the (White School House) Would you go? Remember the night we went up there about twelve oclock [sic] with Mona & Jess, old Jess is surley [sic] lonesome wants to go to Los A. to school next winter.

Say did you know they were not going to have fourth year in St. Johns. To [sic] bad dear. But perhaps there will be a better chance for you later. Say but I would surley [sic] hate to see you go away. Don’t believe I could do without you even for a year. Then to [sic] there is quite a chance to run. But I believe you would love me just the same, would’nt [sic] you dearest. I know I would you.

Tonight there ought to have been a letter for me if Babe had come.

Should’nt [sic] there?

[Missing something...] of all the automobiles.

Here it is eleven oclock and there have been three pass with the last half hour excuse me from traveling such a night as this unless you were along. Then I would be willing to go anyplace at anytime. But as it is I live in hopes. Well goodnight dear will write again in a day or so have hopes of improving
lovingly Harold

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