Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, June 10, 1913

Hunt Ariz.
June 10 1913

Dearest Jessie: — Another windy day has’nt [sic] this been a dandy though I am wondering if it is ever going to come summer. It is to be hoped it don’t blow this day next week. And I have all the faith in the world it won’t. I don’t think my faith is like the fellow who said Faith, is making yourself believe something that you know is’nt [sic] true.

Say they wer’ent [sic] disappointed in not getting to start Saturday were they. But really it was just impossible for me so much watering it is now ten oclock but am going out to the field yet tonight. So don’t have much time to lay around. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Honestly I just love to work out in the open am getting to like it more every day. But I think I have the secret to the most of it it’s because I’m so happy everything looks bright and cheerful. It looks all summer to me. Especially when I got your letter with the roses in. That was surly [sic] dear of you. You can’t imagine how I felt. I believe there was a large lump in my throat and I am sure there were some tears. I was almost glad you were not there to see me, yet you would have understood would’nt [sic] you dear. Roses never looked so pretty and smelled so sweet though they were somewhat wilted.

But I am going to keep them. For roses bring dreams love of you and oh such sweet memories. Every flower I see looks like a rose to me since Sunday night last Sunday I mean and the Sunday before to [sic]. It almost seems like a dream to me, but we will make it a reality won’t we dear, I don’t believe you half know how I appreciate and love you. How many times have you heard me say that. But you like to hear don’t you.

And so Brink is stepping to Pearl. Suppose he will take her on the mts with him
Say I am sorry you did’nt [sic] get that auto ride but did’nt [sic] you egsaggerate [sic] just a little when you said you would a thousand times whether write to me. And Gibbons was with Joe that makes me sore. Perhaps you know what I would do if I was Bill. Yet you can’t always sometimes tell. So Joe Richey gave you some candy. Its [sic] a good thing someone takes pity on you dear for its [sic] a mighty precious little you ever get from me, but candy like some other things is rather out of my line.

You ask if Udall was lonesome well I guess yet I don’t know what he will do when Mona goes to Cal. She is just about to make him believe she is about gone. Why don’t they let Mona stay till the end of the month. I can’t see what their rush is with her anyway.

Well dearest it just eleven oclock [sic] so had better bring this to a focus

Write soon

Yours with love

(Photo of Springerville area from with restrictions on use.)

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