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Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, June 12, 1913

Hunt Ariz
June 12 1913

Dearest Jessie: — I am on the verge of wondering where that letter is. But perhaps I can’t blame you, for I just heard that the letter I wrote to you Tuesday went to Holbrook and is here at the office tonight. What do you think of me anyway. But really it was not my fault. And to cap it all there was special delivery stamp on it. Jes and Levi tended the mail that night so don’t know what else they did. But you will forgive won’t you. Yet you surley [sic] ought to have know [sic] something was the matter and written anyway don’t you think so. Well I hope to be with you Saturday night or Sun morning then we will straighten things out. That is if you will let me but you are not angry or [sic] you, and I am just as sorry as can be. But I hope we will both forget it and think we will not let a few days delay of a letter spoil our happiness for that is what it is to me. I count so much on the future. And just to think you are twenty years old tomorrow. How do you feel. Have you lived the best twenty years of your life. Has there ever a picture come into your mind of the next twenty. Shall I ask you the question like you did me “Where do you think you will be in twenty years from now” and would your answer be like mine.

I am so disappointed dear there should have been a book here for you tonight but suppose it will come in the next day or two. I am surley [sic] glad you can’t see me tonight. So many things have gone wrong today. It almost makes me feel like “well whats [sic] the use”

Rather unmanly, but I don’t care you are the only one that ever did understand.

Anyway. Would just like to see you long enough to tell you all about it. But I hope I don’t see you till I feel better.

Just one more night why I can hardly realize it. Gee we’ll have a jolly time. Aunt Emma Udall is here tonight and tell us Joyce and Gay are going. Won’t we have a bunch though. And so you are making some resolutions are you what are they anyway tell me so I can tell whether I can live up to them or not. You must remember not to be to [sic] strict for I havent [sic] seen you for a long time. And besides I was’nt [sic] raised by resolutions. But still I promised to be good at any cost.

As I write this I can smell the roses that you sent me. And will say as I said before that was the dearest thing you ever did for me and I don’t think you half realize how I appreciated it. Well Jessie it is getting late.

I wonder if you will be so good as to write before I go. Remember I love you just as much now as the night down in the field.

Well good night
Worlds of love

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