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Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, May 12, 1913

Sunday Afternoon
[May 12, 1913]

Here it is another Sunday one more lonesome week gone. How have you stood the “weather,” shall I say. Don’t you (unthinkingly of course) get a little lonesome once in a while. But you have so many things doing that perhaps you can’t afford to get lonesome.

Say I was glad to get your letter, just got it yesterday.

When I didn’t get it Wed. Thur nor Fri. What kind of a thought went thru my mind, do you think. But I won’t say. No doubt you can guess. Anyway I felt ashamed of myself. And promise never to think that again. For I want you to have the same trust in me that I have in you. But I know you can’t do it if I mistrust you.

You are no doubt acquainted with my views so will not stop to eulogise [sic] here.

And you have read the Rosary am so pleased you like it. but one of you [sic] nature could not help it. To my notion it is the sweetest book I have ever read. The Following of the Star is a little to [sic] Orthodox religious for me. I get to read the daily paper which is about all. Am putting the reading part off till the future, but perhaps you wouldn’t mind doing enough for us both. And then sometime you can tell me all about it. Hope I’m not imposing. But I would do that and a thousand things more if I could only be with you.

You mentioned the Past if you are like me that is partly what you live on. “The hours I spent with thee dear heart, are as a string of Pearls to me.” Could anything express my thoughts better. I undoubtedly count them over every one apart. The sweetest moments of my life. What a difference between those times and this yet I’ll not complain I live in hopes of the future. Something I can’t see but only dream of. But believe me I have got it all planned out. Am great on theory lately. Also work having been working some the last few days sowing grain cleaning ditch ect. [sic] Say have you seen that picture of Mallets “The Sower” well I look just like that. but don’t take the trouble to look it up, because I would rather you would have a better Photo of me.

And so you went riding with George Brown, did’nt [sic] make a hit did you. I am just as apt to lost my heart with Lillian and Grace as you with him. But sad to relate I lost that part of my anatomy some time ago. Am surprised you don’t feel an extra beat now and then for I was sure you had it. Well dear it is about time for me to go. Write me a long letter and write soon. Be good think of me as always

with affectionate
love Harold

(Photo of Millet's The Sower from wikipedia, copyright free.)

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