Friday, January 9, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan, May 26, 1913

Hunt Ariz
May 26 1913

Dearest: I am almost at a loss to know where to address you but will suppose you are in St. Johns by now, no doubt you have heard before now that I was there yesterday no need of me saying how I wish you had been there for you ought to know. Really dear I never came so near, shedding a few in my life.

I suppose that there was a pretty lonesome look on my face for everyone I would pass would give me a sympathizing smile and look as much as to say “Im [sic] sorry” why I would have given a thousand if you had been there, things never looked so lonesome in the last two years. Perhaps will be up again, soon, will tell you in time so you won’t go If Mona hadn’t been there I would certainly have been lost. She is surley [sic] some girl, We had quite a chat but if it had only been you, I got your card as we came thru Concho was glad to hear you were having such a good time. How are all my friends anyway I supposed you mentioned me of course. Oh there is such a racket I can hardly write and you know my powers of concentration are’nt [sic] very good

As I must go I suppose this will have to be short but write soon little girl for I am so lonesome and disappointed and you know how much I love you It will not be long till we go on the mt. I can hardly wait. Is Joyce and Wolf going there is going to be a dandy crowd I hope Mona does not go before we go

It is just about to [sic] dark to see so will quit will write again in the next few days with worlds of love Harold.


  1. it is so endearing that he calls her "little girl" and that closing "worlds of love" WOW! i think a lot of family's writing and creative talents were passed down from Harold!

    amy what is their age difference?

  2. Harold was born on 2 June 1892 and Jessie was born on 13 June 1893.

    When they started this correspondence, Harold was 20 years old and Jessie was 19.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the letters. I'll get to their biographies presently. Harold's bio explains some of what is going on at the time of these letters.