Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morgan 2: Harold Morgan

(There was one last letter in the collection, shown below.)

Whew! Harold used a new type of paper and new pen for that last letter, and it must have affected his writing, since that was almost one long run-on sentence. Or at least one run-on paragraph.

It feels rather funny to finally have the letters all typed up twenty years after Helen first gave me a copy. Thank you for reading them through with me.

Here is a picture of the two lovebirds a number of years after their letter-writing days.

Tomorrow I will start posting Harold's life story, then that of his "own dearest Jessie."

After Harold and Jessie, I will post about his father John Morgan followed by his mother Mary Ann Linton Morgan Udall and on through Granny's other ancestors.

I'm going to split up the biographies into normal blog-sized posts rather than posting everything in one fell swoop, so they're not so intimidating to read.

We all already know that Harold had a little problem with spelling. In his autobiography, I will correct most of his spelling and historical facts. I am also removing references to people who may be still alive. Harold typed this autobiography and it was retyped by my dad, Harold’s grandson. Some of the bracketed notes are my dad's. Some are mine. Please contact me for a copy of the original if you would like one.

PS Just in case you were wondering, Jess did not marry Mona.

Jesse Addison Udall was born on 24 June 1892 near Eagar, Apache, Arizona, to David King and Ida Hunt Udall. He married Lela Lee in June 1917 in Salt Lake City. He graduated from the University of Arizona Law School in 1924 and had an active legal and political career. He served as the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. He was the grandfather of former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith. (The link has some very nice pictures.)

Mona Marguerite Patterson was born on 22 Jan 1897 in St. Johns, Arizona, to Joseph B. and Margaret Richey Patterson. She married Terrence Carroll Heaton of Orderville, Utah, in 1919 or 1920 and, as far as I can tell, she lived and died in Kanab or Orderville.

(Photo of the Petrified Forest from flickr.com/photos/vtveen/2745713071/ with restrictions including no commercial use.)

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