Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Morgan Family

Best wishes for a successful, healthy, and happy year!

Now that it is 2009, it is time to start posting the histories of the Morgan Family.

One year when I was a teenager, I went with Granny to St. Johns several days before the annual Pioneer Day family reunion. Granny's sister Helen and her husband Bill and their son Jimmy were visiting from Salt Lake City for several days.

Helen was ten years older than Granny and was born in St. Johns. If I remember right, Helen had not been back to St. Johns since she was a small child. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Helen and Bill and Jimmy. We saw some of the sights in the area. At that time, Helen gave me a manila folder with copies of letters her father had written to her mother before they were married. It is a beautiful correspondence and I am honored to share it with you now. I wish, of course, that we also had Jessie's letters, but I'm glad that we have as much as we do!


  1. I have recently scanned a set of letters written by Harold Morgan to Jessie Christensen while Harold was living in Hunt, Arizona. The one's I scanned are probably in addition to the one's given to you by Helen.

  2. such a neat experience! and a special letter!