Sunday, April 5, 2009

Editor's Note

I'm in the midst of a fairly long stretch of posts on the history of the Southern States Mission. John Morgan was president of the mission for a long time, and a number of remarkable or tragic events happened during that time period. Among them was the murder of Joseph Standing, the Cane Creek Massacre, an intense period of missionary work and the settlement of the San Luis Valley in Colorado.

Since John Morgan's presidency covers such a long time period, I am trying to get a grasp on it, hence the inclusion of the Southern States Mission history, despite the passive language and sheer length. It will come to an end!

In the meantime, I will again point you to the Amateur Mormon Historian blog, which is covering the Cane Creek Massacre in intricate depth. Several of the posts have been amazing adventures in history. Here is a summary of the massacre, and here is the blogger's account of a recent trip to Cane Creek. Also of interest is a note about a game of marbles.

Photo of the Natchez Trace historical marker in Lewis County, Tennessee, (the location of Cane Creek) from

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