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John Hamilton and Annie Smith Morgan

This picture of John Morgan and his wife Annie Smith Morgan was sent by John and Helen Melvina Morgan descendant Bessie S. What an exciting addition to the information about the family.

The child marked with the "1" is identified on the back of the photo as daughter Annie Ray Morgan Heislet. (The name is also seen as Heiselt or Heisalt in other sources, and she is listed in the family records as having one daughter, Ivy Heiselt Deem.)

Here is a list of the family taken from the Conejos County Church Records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Members List 1909 (Book 1-M). The ward records of the church are an underused genealogical and family history resource. (If you look at the list, you will see that some of the information found in this record is not correct, for example "John C." instead of "John H." Morgan. This is common to such records and a reason why genealogists prefer to use multiple sources to reconstruct families.)

Morgan, Annie G.M., Joseph Smith/Sophia Perry, 7 Mar 1863, Penkridge, Staffordshire, Eng.,
Annie Ray Morgan, John C. Morgan/Annie G.M. Smith, 14 Dec 1884
(12 lbs-p399), SLC, Salt Lake Co., UT,
Myrtle Morgan, John C. Morgan/Annie G.M. Smith, 3 Jun 1887, Manassa, Conejos Co., CO, 28 Jul 1890
John Albermarle Morgan, John C. Morgan/Annie G.M. Smith, 27 Mar 1889, Manasssa, Conejos Co., CO, 18 Mar 1935
Ivie Morgan, John C. Morgan/Annie G.M. Smith, 25 May 1891, Manassa Conejos Co., CO, 17 Jul 1940
Joseph Smith Morgan, John C. Morgan/Annie G.M. Smith, 27 Dec 1893, Manassa, Conejos Co., CO, 17 Jul 1948

My children and I went through the list and tried to identify the members of the family and the probable date of the photo. Myrtle died in 1890, so we assumed that the photo was taken after her death. We also assumed that the child marked as Annie Ray was correctly identified (despite the short hair cut), and that the other two children were John and Ivie (or Ivy). It's hard to tell from the fashions of the time whether Annie Smith Morgan was expecting in this photo, and it's also hard to tell the ages of the children, so we guessed that the photo was taken in late 1891 or 1892. Perhaps the Morgan diary would mention when John Morgan was in Colorado or if this family visited him in Salt Lake City at some point and had the photo taken there. We would appreciate any more information.

As a sidenote, we first carefully compared the picture of John Morgan to make sure that it really was him. Here is a picture from about that time and the features are the same in every particular:

And here is a picture of Annie Smith Morgan from the same time (she is identified in the Morgan biography as the woman in the top row, second from the left):

And a closer look (despite the poor resolution):

The last three photos are from the Richardson biography of John Morgan.

Thanks for sending the photo and information, Bessie!

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