Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mary Ann Linton Morgan: Five Faith Promoting Instances, No. 4

“Five Faith Promoting Instances”

#4. Reward of Sacrifice. Just before the dedication of the Manti Temple Bro. Cyrus Wheellock was sent out to make a last appeal to the Saints for contributions to finish paying for the temple. He came over to the Juab Stake. He made a very impressive talk on the importance of temple work and urged the people to give of their means. He promised the sisters if they would sacrifice a coveted bonnet and give the price of it to this fund that it would come back to them in bonnets or what so ever they sacrificed. I did not take it literally, but had $5.00 put away to buy me a nice parasol. When the satin lined with shot silk, and a deep black lace ruffle was the style. I decided I could do without the parasol, and gave Bro. Wheellock the $5.00 the next morning. In about two weeks a traveling salesman of one of our leading department stores presented me with one of his sample parasols. A beautiful one which would have cost much more than $5.00 at wholesale. I felt the Lord had made good His promise to His children in my case anyway, for I had given freely not expecting it to come back in such a way.

Morgan, Mary Ann Linton. “Five Faith Promoting Instances.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I remember loving this when I read it in one of your little family history books.

  2. I always loved this story. Thanks again for this blog.