Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harold Morgan: I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now

A memory of Harold Morgan as related by Letty Patterson:
Horace H. Cummings a very orthodox and strict member of our church was the head (or some important executive in the academy management) of the Church School System. He was to visit us, so we made a great effort to have everything ship-shape.

For the assembly program (Devotional) Grover Brown and Harold were asked to sing a duet and I to accompany them. It's a wonder Brother Cummings' [strict] personality and expression didn't dissuade them. But they stood up bravely, Harold's pant leg caught above his hose supporter. Soon came forth the strains of "I wonder who's kissing her now... I wonder who's teaching her how... Wonder who's looking into her eyes, breathing sighs, telling lies. I wonder who's buying the wine for the lips that I used to call mine. I wonder if she ever tells him of me, I wonder who's kissing her now."
My word! I wonder who chose this song! I hope I didn't! No wonder Brother Cummings' face congealed. I'd like to laugh with Harold over this once more. 

As told in Holmes, M. S. T. (1971). A study of the newspaper career of Harold Morgan. Provo: Brigham Young University, 20. The picture of the St. Johns Stake Academy is from Udall, D. K. (1959). Arizona Pioneer Mormon; David King Udall: His Story and His Family, 1851-1938.

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