Thursday, July 9, 2009

John Morgan Diary, December 1, 1888

[Here I will note the purpose for this trip. A previous post on the Council mentioned that on October 7, 1884, John Morgan was called as one of the Seven Presidents of the Seventy. He was assigned the responsibility for overseeing the First District, a group of twenty-six quorums of seventies. In addition to making a living for his families, pursuing political and educational goals for the state of Utah, he would have travelled throughout the district, overseeing and reorganizing the quorums.]

December 1

Drove to Thatcher Ward where we found a large congregation assembled and met President C. Layton [Christoper Layton] and Counsellor [sic], also Patriarch P.C. Merrill [Philemon Christopher Merrill] and many others, among the rest, sister East, formerly of the 14th Ward. [This would be his ward in Salt Lake City.] Brother Merrill addressed the people, after which I spoke to them. A good spirit prevailed. Dinner at brother Laytons and an afternoon meeting addressed by J.R. Wilker [Welker], Oscar Wilsen, and J. East, President of the 89th Quorum of Seventies. All seemed to feel well and spoke briefly, but with a good spirit. In the evening, quite a company gathered at President Laytons and we had a most enjoyable time.

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