Saturday, July 11, 2009

John Morgan Diary, December 3, 1888

December 3

A number of the brethren came in early this a.m. and spent the day with us. Among the numbers, Patriarch P.C. Merrill, and Counsellor W.D. Johnson. At 3 p.m. we started for Layton Ward and stopped at brother William Packards [sic]*. An appointment was made and meeting held. A full house and good spirit prevailed.

*William Jefferson Packer has already shown up twice in Ancestral Files, once in the comments, once in a post. He was a missionary serving in the Southern States Mission during the early 1880s.

Photo of the Safford area from

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  1. I just got a note from the photographer of the image in the post. He notes that it is a picture of Sombrero Peak in the Tucson area rather than being near Safford. It's a lovely picture, so I'm going to leave it up. :)

    Check out the photographer's other beautiful Arizona pictures.