Thursday, July 16, 2009

John Morgan Diary, December 7-8, 1888

December 7

Had dinner and spent the day with brother C.I. Robison [Charles Robson] and A.M. Tenney [Ammon Meshach Tenney, at the time the President of the Mexican Mission], spent the day very pleasantly.

December 8

Brother William Spry [President of the Southern States Mission from 1888 to 1891 and Governor of Utah from 1909 to 1917] came in by the coach this morning and was warmly welcomed. Had a walk about town and at 2 p.m. opened our Seventies Conference with a fair attendance. I made some explanations relative to our visit after which brother George Passey, George F. Ellsworth, and George W. Lewis [that's a lot of Georges!] spoke to the people, after which brother Spry occupied some time. Attended a concert tonight.

[I can't find a biography of Ammon M. Tenney, which is a shame, since he was such a fascinating man. For tidbits of his life, see Mormon Settlement in Arizona. The picture of Tenney is from that book.]

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