Thursday, July 23, 2009

Robert Lang Campbell

Here are some sources on Robert Lang Campbell (1825-1874), the man who befriended and baptized John Morgan. He was from Renfrew, Scotland.

Here is his pioneer diary. Make sure you have some time and be ready to read a very touching story of the pioneer journey, 1846 in particular. (You can scroll down to the bottom of the page index and download a typed version of the diary.)

A BYU Studies Article on Campbell (downloadable)

Robert Lang Campbell Papers at the University of Utah

Robert Lang Campbell Collection at BYU

The item at BYU is a Great Salt Lake City tax record book.

The information on Campbell is thanks to a conversation on my favorite Mormon history blog, and a kind fellow reader and commenter from Scotland who serendipitously mentioned Robert Campbell in a conversation about something else.

Photo of Barshaw Park in Renfrewshire, Scotland, from

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  1. This is my great-great-great grandfather. Very cool that you have this posted about him--he was a pretty neat man.